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After 10 years, TYPros still leading the charge of Tulsa’s future

Posted by: Shagah Zakerion, TYPros executive director on Thursday, August 13, 2015

An organization like Tulsa’s Young Professionals doesn’t spring up from nowhere.

It comes from the hard work of passionate people who want to make a true difference in their community.

But it also comes from the community itself.

Ten years ago, the energy we see all around us today was just beginning to surface. The startup spirit that breeds innovation at all levels of our business community was just beginning to shine. The artists, musicians and creative thinkers who have made Tulsa an artistic hub of the Midwest were just coming onto the scene. The nightlife of the Brady Arts, Blue Dome and so many other districts was in their infancy.

But the energy was always there — beneath the surface.

It was an energy unique to Tulsa, an energy found nowhere else.

It’s an energy that has made Tulsa’s Young Professionals, in just 10 short years, one of the largest and certainly one of the most impactful young professional organizations in the country.

Today, TYPros is a household name, often synonymous with young adults in Tulsa. Thousands of young adults have learned how to be leaders through their work in TYPros, and many of them are in key positions throughout the city.

They are executives in the area’s top companies. They’re entrepreneurs who have grown their businesses from the bottom up. They’re artists and musicians.

Now, a new generation of young adults is rising through our organization — one whose work is sure to advance TYPros (and Tulsa) to an entirely new level.

As our organization turns 10 this April, you can expect even bigger and better things from this city’s talented young adults in the next 10 years as we further our mission of attracting and retaining young talent in the Tulsa region while establishing Tulsa’s next generation of leaders.

This organization, which sprung from the energy and excitement of the last decade, is now carrying the torch of Tulsa’s future. That energy is still here, but like TYPros, it’s bigger than ever.

Would you have imagined in 2005 that Tulsa would be where it is today?

Just imagine where it can be in another 10 years.

We do. And you can bet we’re working every day to make it happen.


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