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Oklahoma and Tulsa BizPAC

The bi-partisan political action committees identifies support of city, county and state candidates

OklahomaBizPac and TulsaBizPac are led by a board of directors comprised of business and community leaders from the Tulsa region, representing a wide variety of industries, interests and backgrounds.

The PAC boards consider endorsing and/or financially contributing to strong candidates locally and across the state based on their stances on a variety of issues. Decisions on endorsements and contribution amounts are made solely by the OklahomaBizPac and TulsaBizPac boards, after evaluating the candidates through a questionnaire, interviews and follow-up conversations as needed. Although affiliated with the Tulsa Regional Chamber, the PAC Boards operate independently.

Editor’s Note

Contributions to OklahomaBizPac and TulsaBizPac are limited to $5,000 per person, per year. Only individuals are allowed to contribute; no corporate or union donations are allowed. Contributions to a PAC are not tax deductible. No public investment funds are used in the administration of the PAC. OklahomaBizPac and TulsaBizPac are limited to contributing $5,000 per candidate.

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